Finally, Liam McRae, author of the bestseller ‘Rapid Escalation’, reveals his secrets on:
How to get her sexually invested and chasing you into the bedroom 
 by unleashing her inner sexuality with your own sexual archetype
Let’s face it. Society hasn’t raised you to be a sexual ladies man who can sweep any woman off her feet and put James Bond to shame.

In fact, you’ve probably had plenty of opportunities to get sexual with a woman, but have given in to fear at the last moment. She walks away blaming herself and wondering what she did wrong, and you’re left with painful blue balls hoping next time will be different. 

I feel your pain. I’ve been there. Back before I learned anything about seduction I had so many chances to make a move and never took action. Looking back now I cringe at how obvious it was that she wanted me to rock her world but never made a move. 

It took hitting rock bottom to make me realize that this wasn’t something I was taught to do. Today’s education system filled me in on the fundamentals of getting a good career, being a good worker, and making it in the world. But when it came to being intimate with women, I was completely dumbfounded. 

To make matters worse, I was constantly surrounded by messages from the world telling me that being sexual was bad. News reports headlining ‘sexual perverts’, overhearing girls talking about ‘creepy guys’, my parents awkwardly avoiding the topic hoping it will go away. These made me form all sorts of negative sexual beliefs that lead to a crippled dating life.
“Being sexual is creepy”
“Girls will be weirded out if I make a move”
“If I get an erection I should hide it so the woman doesn’t notice”
If this is starting to sound familiar, I want you to know that you’re not alone. Most men in the world are walking around telling themselves the exact same thing

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. After surrounding myself with other men who were better with women and having open discussions with women, I started to learn some of the hidden truths about being sexual. 

That most women are waiting for a guy to make a move, and walk away disappointed that he never took action. 
That if you’re waiting around for a girl to make a move, you’re ignoring your responsibility as a man to be the risk taker. 
That being sexual doesn’t mean you’re a creep, but ignoring her reaction does. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg of positive beliefs that I reveal in the Sexual Investment Online Workshop.

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What you’ll learn about the inner game of getting her
 to sexually invest in seducing YOU:
  • The truth about how you’re brought up to be BAD with women - if you were raised in a normal home, it’s quite likely you were brought up with negative sexual beliefs that are stopping you from getting laid. I’ll reveal how to replace them with new, positive ones that are gonna get you laid. KEEP THIS IN9?
  • How to become the guy that women instantly register as a new sexual option, so you can have more opportunities handed to you, even if you’re inexperienced or not confident with chicks
  • What female sexuality is, and the secrets to embracing it so women feel comfortable and relaxed around you to show you their darkest, kinkiest fantasies and more
  • Why women want you to take them on risky adventures and to live out their sexual fantasies - and what you need to do and be to become such a seducer
  • The truth about the Madonna-Whore complex that’s probably stopping you from getting laid, and how that might be scaring away women potentially interested in you
  • 3 powerful mindsets that have women switched on and curious about seducing you right from the start
  • The 5 most common sexy archetypes found throughout modern history, and how to channel the emotional characteristics about these archetypes to have women chasing you. (I’ll even share a few student stories on how they applied them to achieve rapid results…)
What you’re gonna learn about the outer game of 
sexual investment and getting her to seduce YOU:
  • How embodying a sexy archetype looks in real life, by bringing in a roleplay model to demonstrate exactly what it looks like.
  • How to touch a woman in a way that has her sexually investing into your touch, craving it more and more each and every time. The key to this isn’t how you do it, but the mindset behind it. (Even if you’re not that smooth, this will still work for you)
  • The psychological reason why rapid escalation works and what specifically about it allows you to unlock a woman’s sexuality in under an hour, by letting her open up and seduce you as well
  • The difference between an interaction that leaves a lasting impression for a date, and an interaction that creates the opportunity to sleep with her on the exact same day. 
  • The framework I use to create an exciting, sexy roleplay between me and a woman I’ve just met- this allows her to step into a safe space where she can playfully express her sexual, more animalistic side- creating opportunities for rapid, fast seductions in all sorts of ways. 
Why you should attend this workshop:
  • This is online workshop over-delivers on value to make sure it’s a success.

  • This stuff isn’t anywhere online, and I’ll be only sharing it on this workshop. A ton of this stuff is new, effective seduction material and techniques that I’ve only recently discovered and refined in-field, making sure you’ve got the latest up-to-date information. Now, normally we share these secrets on our live programs where you’ll be working one on one with a role playing model to understand your unique sexual archetype. 

  • If you can’t afford to come to one of our live programs to have me coach you live, this is the next best thing. You’ll have 3 jam-packed hours of valuable content, plus the follow up webinar that took place after the original recording, full of questions from guys just like you about how to get a woman sexually investing in you. 

  • I’m giving away almost everything I know about female sexual investment, sexual archetypes and how to unleash her inner sexuality in this workshop – this workshop is one of a kind and you won’t find these secrets anywhere else.
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Keep in mind:
  • This workshop is one of a kind and isn’t available anywhere else, so if you want to hear all I’ve got to say on female sexuality, unleashing it and using your sexual archetype to attract the women you want, you don't want to miss out on the recordings of this online workshop.
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Now if you decide to leave this page and take some time to think it over, I want you to remember that the longer you go without having this vital information, the more opportunities you’ll miss out on.

Think about going on your next date without knowing how to get her to sexually invest in you. Instead of ending the night with her wrapped up in your arms, you’ll get a polite hug and a ‘that was nice’.

What could have been a great opportunity for you to get sexual will instead be a boring, platonic conversation. Imagine her walking home, frustrated and asking “where are the real men who know how to make a move?”.

But here’s the deal; it’s important that you take action on what you learn. It’s not enough to just buy this online workshop, file it away and never even watch the videos.

If you’re truly committed to becoming a natural and being able to have women sexually investing in you, it will take dedicated action. I’m counting on you to implement what you’ve learned here and to take action on it immediately - All Rights Reserved