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Masculine Touch Blueprint
Finally, a comprehensive online course that breaks down the myths around female sexuality and teaches you how to connect sexually with women and make touch a natural part of your life.
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  • How to identify and overcome your mental blocks around sex that stop you from missing out on opportunities with women
  • Seductive Principles 101: how to get a girl to be the one doing things for you and investing time and energy into seducing you.The big myth about just “being physical” and why just touching her won’t lead to the bedroom.
  • How to physically lead a woman in a relaxed, arousing manner that builds comfort and sexual tension at the same time.
  • How to become the guy that women instantly register as a new sexual option, so you can have more opportunities handed to you, even if you’re inexperienced or not confident with chicks
  • What female sexuality is, and the secrets to embracing it so women feel comfortable and relaxed around you to show you their darkest, kinkiest fantasies and more
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