James Marshall's Sexual Escalation Workshop
Are you tired of endlessly chasing women, getting phone numbers and going on dates that don’t go anywhere?
There’s nothing worse than meeting a woman and hitting it off, only to find that you’re soon chasing her like a hamster running in a wheel. She takes forever to respond to your texts (if at all!) and when you finally get her on the date, she either flakes at the last minute or quickly dumps you in the ‘friend zone’. 

I used to be in the exact same position. Before I learned anything about seduction I was hopeless getting the women I really wanted. There wasn’t really anything making me stand out from the hordes of other men texting her. For a while I thought it was just how things were. Some guys are just good with women, right? 

Wrong. It took a chance encounter with a group of ‘naturals’ who were able to effortlessly have women chase them that completely turned my life around. At first I sat back and watched in awe as each of them had women wrapped around their little finger, and mind you, these men were all radically different from each other. 

But soon I decided that I could take what I was learning from them and incorporate it myself. That I didn’t have to be stuck with average looking girls and settle for lame sex when I could not only be dating amazingly hot women, but have them chase ME.  

This exclusive online workshop contains secrets to smooth sexual escalation and getting her to chase and seduce YOU…
Here's what you'll learn about sexual escalation:
  • The 3 types of touch that make the difference between the creepy sleaze at the bar who doesn’t know when to stop, and the bold seducer that sweeps her in the moment and leads it all the way to the bedroom. 
  • The big myth about just “being physical” and why just touching her won’t lead to the bedroom.
  • How to physically lead a woman in a relaxed, arousing manner that builds comfort and sexual tension at the same time. 
  • The number 1 mistake guys make when they’re escalating on a woman that causes her to resist your moves, and the principle that removes her resistance to your touch.
  • The James Marshall Jedi Handshake that turns an ordinary handshake into a relaxing, sensual touch that sets a seductive tone for an interaction.
Here's what you'll learn about female investment:
  • My simple QCQ framework for qualifying a girl and having her invest in you that flips the dynamic of conversation to her doing the work to prove herself to you
  • Why you must qualify a woman (especially hot women) in order for a seduction to take place
  • Seductive Economy 101: how to get a girl to be the one doing things for you and investing time and energy into seducing you.
  • Why being tough on a girl sparks attraction and interest and why being nice, friendly and expecting nothing in return causes her stress, frustration and boredom.
  • How to turn awkward silences in conversation into electrifying sexual tension with the principle of Pressure and Release
Here's why you should attend this workshop:
  • This online workshop over delivers on value to make sure you’re learning everything you need to have women chasing you. 
  • Now normally these are secrets that I only teach to my students in life workshops around the world.
    I’m giving away information that my students pay 4 to 5-figure sums to learn in these exclusive programs.
  • If you can’t come to Eastern Europe or Australia and pay the five figure sum for a place on my workshops, this is the next best thing. You’ll have 3 hours jam-packed with valuable content, and an additional 1 hour of questions from guys just like you recorded during the original presentation. 
  • As I’m giving away almost everything I know about sexual escalation and female investment in this workshop, and this is information you won’t find anywhere else unless you get coached by me in person for thousands of dollars a day.
Here’s how the payment works:
  • Secure your spot for just $1
  • You’ll automatically be billed $95 three days after the workshop. 
  • If you didn’t think you had new insights into sexual escalation and female investment from the workshop, just let me know and you won’t have to pay $95, and you’ll even be refunded your $1.
  • If you can’t make it for the live workshop, you’ll be sent a HD recording the very next day.
Keep in mind:
  • It’s not enough to just buy this workshop, download it and have it take up space on your harddrive.
    This is exclusive material that you won’t learn anywhere else. You can’t find it in a book, it’s not on any of our free youtube videos, and if you ask your Dad he won’t know the first thing about sexual escalation! This is the only place you’ll learn these advanced secrets, so if you want to hear all I’ve got to say on sexual escalation and female investment, this workshop is a must for you.
  • I pride myself on getting results for my students, and it’s the same for this workshop. You’ll be given valuable content that will produce results for you if you take action on it.
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